Mas Tu Vu jewels is a top Belgian jewelry brand

At the head office in Antwerp, also capital of diamond, every day an experienced team of creative minds and designers work on new models, contemporary creations or custom-made pieces of jewelry. The designs are being manufactured inside the own workshop into unique jewelry, composed of 18 carat gold or platinum, and microscopically set with conflict-free diamonds of exceptional quality. All diamonds are carefully selected by our team of diamantaires.

Mas Tu Vu jewels kindly invites you to discover their exceptional collection, to have a look behind the scenes of the production workshop or to carefully listen to your specific wishes. After all, every piece of jewelry is unique and authentic and requires a personal approach. Just like you.

See you soon.

Antwerp, capital of diamond
Despite the harsh competition of low wage countries and structural issues, like the closure of the Diamond Bank, Antwerp still remains the largest diamond city of the world. More than 80 % of rough diamond and 50 % of cut diamond in the world pass through Antwerp at least once, up to a trade value of 48 billion dollar per year, and at once the largest share of worldwide diamond trade. Nowadays diamond represents 5 % of national export to EC-countries and 15 % outside the EC.